X10DR-LU1 Lite


Perhaps of most significance, X10DR Lite enables your entire work team to fully maintain that invaluable team spirit – work ethos that comes solely from entrusting an organization’s wireless communications to an “open channel” two way radio system.

X10DR Lite’s out of vehicle capability ensure all team members continue to hear all conversations instantly, so all your team know what is going on, no matter whether they are heading down a highway or out of the vehicle doing what they are employed to do.

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  • Up to 300 meters range
  • Use in & out of the vehicle
  • Shoulder mount design
  • Simple 3 button design
  • Minimal user training
  • IP55 weatherproof Mic
  • Seamless integration
  • Lightweight & Rugged
  • Patented innovation
  • Always connected
  •  Proven reliability
  • All day operation
  • Loud clear audio

Product Description

Price from $369.

Since the creation of the first mobile two way radio, there has been one constant and ageless problem; when you
get out of your vehicle ..you stop communicating!

For over five years, Wireless Pacific’s patented X10DR Secure Wireless Microphone has enhanced the working lives of Police officers, Firefighters, Paramedics and Utility workers globally by allowing users to communicate simply and effectively for up to 500m (1600’) from their vehicles with a small, cost effective wireless remote speaker microphone… that simply ..works!

Having passed the stringent Public Safety audition, we have now repackaged that same, simple out of vehicle communications capability but without any of the first responder features and associated cost.

Introducing X10DR Lite … Now everyone is free to talk.

Package includes:

  • X10DR-LU1 x 1
  • XIC-1.5 x 1
  • XMC-RJ45 x 1
  • XMCAK x 1
  • XCA-** x 1
  • User Guide x 1


Frequency Band 2.40-2.48GHz FH Spread Spectrum
Protocol 802.15.4 based derivative
RF Power <100mW
Battery Type 3.7V @1450mA Lithium Polymer
Battery Life >15 Hours @ 30% receive time
Encryption SAFER+ 64Bit
RF Connectors RP SMA Female
Rated Audio/Distortion >250mW @5% THD
Operating Voltage 7-16VDC
Operating Temperature -20ºC to +55ºC /-4ºF to +122ºF
Shock & Vibration Mil Std 810 C/D/E/F
Humidity/Rain/Dust IEC529, IP55 (spk mic only)
Type Acceptance CE, FCC, IC, Aust/NZ, SIN, Qatar, Brazil,
in else

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Dimensions 88 x 28 x 63mm (spk mic) 80 x 80 x 60 (chgr)
3.46 x 1.1 x 2.48” (spk mic) 3.15 x 3.15 x 2.36” (chgr)
Weight 149 grams (spk mic) 125 grams (chgr)
5.25 oz (spk mic) 4.4oz (chgr)