Our Capabilities

RFI Technology Solutions. Your Proven Partner

We understand that selecting the right antenna is a tough job and not something that is a can be left to chance. RFI Technology Solutions understands this.

We are a global antenna systems specialist, with a dedicated US team providing sales and engineering support, backed by our global support team.   RFI has one of the largest, most innovative and experienced wireless solutions teams with specialist engineers, product managers, deployment engineers, logistics, distribution and R&D staff.  Our investment in R&D and continual product development means our clients can trust and rely on our leading edge products and technical solutions to deliver performance, quality, interoperability and reliability.

We have been manufacturing industry leading solutions since 1979, continuing to push boundaries in design and specifications.  RFI prides itself on not only offering a depth and breadth of product range, but supporting this with the resources to make your antenna system design even easier. These include:

  • Dedicated pattern files for every antenna in our range
  • RFI tests base station antennas in the field at our dedicated, certified antenna testing facility, located in Victoria, Australia. The testing ensures that we can be confident our gain modeling is in line with real-world figures. Various gain standards are used depending on the measurement frequency.
  • The VHF and UHF standard gain antennas have been built in accordance with the established laboratory standard designs presented in TIA-329-C.
  • Pioneers in PIM/PIP Antenna Design including VHF, UHF and 7/800 MHz
  • Full suite of antennas including arrays, collinears, panels, coverage offset, bidirectional and omni-directional antennas
  • PIM testing for over 20 years with complete line of PIM and PIP

Local Support on a Global Scale

Our network of international sales offices means that all customers get the attention and advice they require, providing local support on a global scale.  This includes our 16,000 ft2 American office and distribution center with extensive local product inventory and engineering services for the Americas region. Over 2 million dollars in inventory in Cleveland is ready to ship.

RFI has been successfully manufacturing high performance products for more than 35 years.  We have been an preferred supplier in the US marketplace for more than a decade and supply world class technology solutions to partners around the world.  We have a comprehensive selection of PIP and PIM rated antenna system solutions to choose from. We offer tailored antenna solutions with a range of gain, patterning and a tilt option to suit any application.

  • Industry-leading antenna and systems solutions
  • Patented Meander and Corporate Antenna designs offering best-in-class solutions, replicated every time
  • PIM hardened antennas for more than 25 years
  • Diverse range of products including the sophisticated Antenna System Monitoring as well as standard and broadband short haul control station combiners is supported in our Cleveland  facility