Control Station Combiners

CSC’s are used to combine any number of mobile or base transceivers located in the same place onto either a separate Tx and Rx antenna or a combined antenna using a duplexer or the short haul CSC versions.

There are a number of CSC options available, each option providing specific functionality for the respective application.

The three primary categories are Standard, Short Haul and Broad Band Short Haul Control Station Combiners. The short haul and broadband short haul in essence have the same electrical performance relative to the number of combined ports, however as the name suggests the broad band unit covers the full 40MHz to 960MHz frequency range, whereas the short haul unit is available in different bands.

The standard CSC options cater for single Tx/Rx port inputs and separated Tx and Rx ports from either mobile or base transceivers. The options also provide options for Rx amplifiers as the Tx and Rx paths are internally separated.