A wide range of duplexer options are available, ranging from compact notch duplexers for mobile applications, larger cavity duplexers in various configurations and sizes to compact milled aluminum duplexers supporting medium and high power requirements. RFI has duplexer products available covering traditional PMR bands up into the cellular bands with appropriate mounting hardware.

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Part Number Product Description Conn. TypeFreq BandFreq MHzDimensions mm/inchesMountingReturn Loss / VSWRType
DP4547-0804-32 UHF Duplexer, BandPass, 450-470MHz UHF 380-400MHz H 89 (3.5″) x W 483 (19″) x D 97 (3.8″) 2RU 19″ Rack mount front panel ≥19dB / ≤1.25:1 Band Pass
DP1517-5164-NR VHF Mobile Notch Duplexer, Rugged, 150-174MHz, 4.6MHz T/R VHF 150-174MHz L 190(7.48′) x W 155 (6.1”) x H 32.5 (1.28”) Flat Surface Mounting >14dB / 1.5:1
DP3840-0807-32 UHF Duplexer, BandPass, 380-400MHz UHF
DP8010-0883-32 900 Duplexer for 896-902 MHz and 935-941 MHz passbands 900
DP7680-0801-32 700/800 Duplexer for 762 – 776 MHz and 792-806 MHz passbands 700/800
SP0000-1151-11 Cross-Band Coupler, Triplexer 30-180MHz / 330-520MHz/ 746-960MHz Broadband
DP8086-0801-32 800MHz BandPass Duplexer, 806-869MHz 800 806-869MHz H 45 (1.7″) x W 124 (4.9″) x D 153 (6.0″) 2RU 19″ Rack mount front panel ≥19dB / ≤1.25:1 Band Pass
DP767985-0801-32 700/800 MHz Triplexer 762-776MHz- 851-869MHz 700/800