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Antenna System Monitoring: Meet KPI’s, Save Money and Reduce Downtime

Introduction As a radio network operator, you know that radio networks are at the heart of an ever expanding number of service provision organizations. Emergency service, public safety and commercial users rely heavily on radio […]

Introducing the 4.3-10 Connector

The 4.3-10 (often referred to 43-10) connector has a smaller form factor than 716 DIN, is easier to install (no torque wrench required) and has excellent PIM performance, making it ideal in cellular applications. The RFI range includes connectors and cable tails from […]

The new 43-10 and the Mini DIN confusion

Connector manufacturers have released a new cellular connector 4.3-10 (often referred to as 43-10), soon to the be industry standard in cellular applications. This new connector has recently been confused with a mini DIN. It’s important not to […]

The NEW LTE MIMO Low Profile Multi-band Series

RFI Technology Solutions is excited to introduce a new range of Low Profile LTE/MIMO multiband antennas to further expand our mobile and terminal antenna offering. The new LTE-MHP is a multi-band LTE/WIFI MIMO & GPS Low Profile Antenna. This […]