Tower Top Amplifiers (TTA)

A Tower Top Amplifier (TTA) improves base station receiver performance at a communications network site by placing the base station receiver system's preselector and low-noise amplifiers close to the receive antenna(s), overcoming the increased system noise figure and receiver sensitivity degradation introduced in a communications system by the insertion loss of the coaxial feeder cables installed on the tower. This coaxial feeder cable loss degradation increases over longer cable lengths and at higher frequencies, and TTAs are therefore particularly beneficial for systems installed on large towers or buildings, or operating in the higher (i.e. 7/8/900MHz) frequency bands.

Part Number Product Description Conn. TypeFreq BandFreq MHzOperating Temp. RangeOutputsMulticoupler Type
TA7982-0100-10-00 Tower Top Amplifier System, 794-824MHz (TTA Only) 700/800 794-824MHz (reduced passband widths available using RMC post filter)
TA8990-0100-10-00 Tower Top Amplifier System, 896-902MHz (TTA Only) 900 896-902MHz