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RFI's Panel Antenna Range

We are pleased to further expand our panel antenna range with the release of the new BPA7496 series panel antenna, covering 746-960MHz, complementing the existing BPA3338 and BPA3843 ranges presently covering 330-430MHz. The BPA7496 series panel antennas are available in various horizontal beamwidth and gain options, and are ideal for applications requiring ‘corridor’, sectored, or other directional network coverage requirements, they are also well suited to diversity receiver applications requiring multiple antennas. RFI BPA series panel antennas feature  0-10° site-adaptable mounting capability and the inclusion of 2-12° adjustable electrical tilt (MET) on the BPA7496 series, catering for the many varying site requirements that exist today. To further satisfy high-performance network demands, all RFI BPA panel antennas provide excellent -150dBc PIM performance, 25kW PIP rating and a 500-watt power handling to cater for the demands of multi-carrier network deployment requirements. Models are available featuring up to 15dBi of gain, and up to 180° of horizontal beamwidth

Key Features

  • Ideal for highly populated sites, or sites requiring “corridor” or sectored coverage
  • Excellent PIM rating (-150dBc) providing low IM and low noise characteristics for optimum performance
  • 2-10° Electrical downtilt, manually adjustable on the BPA7496 series
  • Mechanical tilt mounting brackets supplied providing up to 10° of mechanical tilt
  • DC grounded for superior lightning protection


RFI’s panel antenna solution has been used across the globe in various applications including:

  • Indian Metro Rail Networks– used for the metro rail system’s radio network, providing sectored coverage down rail corridors.
  • Indonesian SCADA networks– used for a telemetry application, providing directional network coverage.

The Range

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