UHF Panel Antenna 330-380MHz – 65° – 7dBi

The BPA series panel antennas provide excellent gain with a directional radiation pattern, ideal for coverage requirements in “corridor” and sectorised applications.

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BPA3338-65-7 Features

The BPA Series  panel antennas utilize a fully enclosed radome construction to provide weatherproofing and to aid in resisting bird attack.

The main lobe of these antennas is strong and highly controlled with extensive side lobe suppression ensuring the integrity of the pattern. To further boost performance, the mounting clamp and bracket assembly allows users to adjust the beamtilt between 0 and 10 degrees top optimize coverage. True high density site requirements are catered for with the panel’s excellent 500 Watt input power capacity.

With the antenna being fully enclosed in a radome and the use of superior internal harness construction the antennas provide not only excellent radiation characteristics but also high levels of intermodulation and noise suppression. An excellent IM performance of -150dBc on a two carrier test suits the stringent requirements of modern communications systems. The entire array rests at ground potential and offers the ultimate in lightning resistant antennas.

– Ideal for highly populated sites requiring “corridor” or sectorized coverage
– 7dBi or 12dBi gain versions available
– Analogue and Digital technology compatible
– Mechanical downtilt from 0 to 10 degrees
– PIM rating of -150dBc providing low IM and low noise characteristics for optimum performance

Nominal Gain dBi (dBd) 7 (5)
Frequency MHz 330-380
Tuned Bandwidth Entire band
Polarity Vertical
VSWR (Return Loss) <1.8:1 (10dB)
Nominal Impedance Ω 50
Downtilt 0° to 10° adjustable
Vertical Beamwidth 65°
Horizontal Beamwidth 65°
Upper Side Lobe Suppression dB
Front to Back Ratio dB ≥ 16
Input Power W 500
Passive IM 3rd order dBc -150
Construction Fully enclosed in radome
Length x Width x Depth mm (in) 700 x 560 x 180 (27.5 x 22 x 7)
Weight kg (lbs) 14 (31)
Weight including clamps kg (lbs) 18 (40)
Clamps (provided) Adjustable mechanical downtilt style (0-8°)
Clamp Diameter mm (in) Suits Ø70 to Ø120 (Ø2.8 to Ø4.72)
Termination 1 x DIN female
in else

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Shipping Weight (lbs.) 31
Shipping Dims (inches) 34x15x9