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RFI panel antennas feature a low profile design with site-adaptable mounting capability, excellent -150dBc PIM performance, 25kW PIP rating and a 500 watt power rating to cater for the demands of multi-channel network deployment requirements. Models are available in a range of gain and beamwidth variations, with integrated adjustable manual electrical tilt, to adapt to differing site and coverage requirements. These antennas provide enhanced performance across their operating frequency range of 746 to 960MHz, including UHF options covering 330-430MHz.

Features Include:

  • Fully enclosed design performance and reliability
  • High gain
  • Sectored coverage
  • Multiple options in gain and beamwidth
  • Manually adjustable Electrical Tilt, allows for ultimate flexibility
  • Mechanical tilt mounting bracket
  • Individually verified, proof of which must be requested upon order
  • -150dBc PIM and 25kW PIP ratings cater to the rigors of multi-channel network deployment
  • A range of panel solutions covering UHF, 700/800/900 MHz, with full band operation

BPA7496-12 746-960 MHz

The BPA series panel antennas provide excellent gain with a range of directional radiation patterns, ideal for coverage requirements in “corridor” and sectored applications. These panel antennas are fully enclosed to aid installation, provide waterproofing, and to resist bird attack. The main lobe of these antennas is strong, offering excellent beam control, upper side lobe suppression and front to back ratio, ensuring the integrity of the pattern.

Proven design and construction techniques provide not only excellent radiation characteristics but also high levels of intermodulation and noise suppression. IM performance is -150dBc based on a two-carrier test. The antenna rests at ground potential and offers excellent lightning protection and reduced precipitation noise.


  • Analogue and digital technology compatible
  • Choice of 60° 120° or 180° beamwidth models
  • Industry leading PIM ratings (-150dBc) providing low IM and low noise characteristics
  • 25kW Peak instantaneous (PIP) rating
  • Convenient mounting style suits various pole, mount and wall installation locations
  • Manually adjustable electrical tilt (MET)
  • DC grounded for superior lightning protection

Electrical Specifications

Model Number




Nominal Gain dBi (dBd)

11 (9)

12 (10)

13 (11)

Frequency MHz


Tuned Bandwidth MHz

Entire Band



VSWR (Return Loss)

<1.5:1 (14dB)

Nominal Impedance



2 to 16 adjustable

Vertical Beamwidth




Horizontal Beamwidth




Upper Side Lobe Suppression dB


Front to back Ratio dB




Input Power W


Passive IM 3rd Order dBc


Peak Instantaneous Power kW


Mechanical Specifications

Model Number





Fully enclosed in radome

Length x Width x Depth mm (in)

1525 x 265 x 145 (60 x 10.4 x 6)

900 x 265 x 145 (35.4 x 10.4 x 6)

Weight kg (lbs)

8 (17)

5 (11)

Weight (Packed) kg (lbs)

16 (35)

13 (29)


1 x DIN female

Clamps (Provided)

Adjustable mechanical downtilt style (0-8)

Clamp Diameter mm (in)

70 to 120 (2.8 to 4.7)