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Passive Components in RF Circuits

Resistors, capacitors, temperature-compensated oscillators. . . . Learn about passive components used in RF systems. RF systems are not fundamentally different from other types of electric circuits. The same laws of physics apply, and consequently […]

Antenna Resonance & Bandwidth

Radio antennas have a certain bandwidth over which they can work, and most operate in a resonant mode. Radio antennas have a bandwidth over which they can operate effectively; even wideband antennas. Many antennas operate […]

Antenna Design Considerations For RF Applications

Since there is no unique solution for a particular RF applications, some guidelines are needed. This article looks at some such guidelines. An antenna transmits and receives electromagnetic (EM) radiation in free space. The wireless […]

What Are The Basics of Antennas?

Antennas, to quote a friend, are one of life’s eternal mysteries. “All I’m totally certain of is that any antenna is better than no antenna and the antenna should preferably erected as high and be […]

Types of Antennas in Telecommunication

Antennas are an essential part of radio telecommunications equipment, bridging the gap between electronic and electromagnetic signals. The shape and size of an antenna is a strong clue as to its type, as the design […]

Transmission Basics: Beginners Guide To Antenna Design

Antenna design begins by understanding your transmission requirements. You need to know the wavelength / frequency of the signal for the antenna, before beginning work on antenna design. The next step is understanding the antenna type […]

Cellular Base Stations

As you drive along the highway, you may notice cellular towers or cellular base stations appearing every few miles. A base station is the interface between wireless phones and traditional wired phones. It’s what allows […]

Antenna System Monitoring: Meet KPI’s, Save Money and Reduce Downtime

Introduction As a radio network operator, you know that radio networks are at the heart of an ever expanding number of service provision organizations. Emergency service, public safety and commercial users rely heavily on radio […]

What Is RF and Why Do We Use It?

Learn about electromagnetic radiation and why it is so useful for wireless communication. When we think of electricity, we naturally think of wires. From high-voltage transmission lines to tiny traces on a printed circuit board, […]

What are Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)?

A Distributed antenna system (DAS) is a network of antennas, connected to a common source, distributed throughout a building or an area to improve network performance. The spacing between antennas is such that each antenna gives full […]