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New Zealand Waterview Tunnel Rebroadcast and Break-In Comms System

Summary: RFI Technology Solutions engineered a comprehensive, space-efficient communication system for the rebroadcast of AM/FM radio and local emergency service two-way radio networks, along with a new UHF digital two-way radio network for Roadway Operations & Maintenance (O&M) personnel. Utilizing a full range of their products and services, RFI successfully managed the project from design to commissioning, offering a feature-rich system with live and pre-recorded messaging, OMCS RRB control interface, and advanced monitoring and alarm functionalities. The solution fits snugly into confined equipment spaces in tunnel nodes, significantly enhancing both safety and operational efficiency.



The task at hand involved building a comprehensive rebroadcast system for AM/FM radio stations and emergency services, all within the constrained equipment space of several in-tunnel node locations. The system had to accommodate local Police, Fire and Ambulance two-way radio networks, and even a new digital two-way radio network for Roadway Operations & Maintenance personnel. Furthermore, it needed to have state-of-the-art monitoring and alarm reporting capabilities.

RFI stepped up to the plate with a full turnkey solution, managing the project from conception to commissioning. They leveraged their extensive product and service portfolio to create a multifunctional AM/FM/VHF/UHF radio rebroadcast system. The design included advanced features like live and pre-recorded audio break-in message functionality for roadway incident management, OMCS RRB control interface, and sophisticated equipment monitoring and alarm reporting.

The resultant rebroadcast system was not only feature-rich but also remarkably compact, accommodating the tight space limitations within several tunnel node locations. This compact design did not sacrifice capability, providing comprehensive monitoring and alerting features across its multi-node environment. In effect, the solution provided by RFI has elevated the safety and operational efficacy of both emergency services and roadway personnel.


Quick Facts

  • $1.4 billion road project
  • 2.4km long tunnel
  • 8 AM stations rebroadcast
  • 22 FM stations rebroadcast
  • Multi-channel VHF/UHF Emergency Services Rebroadcast
  • UHF O&M Two-Way Radio System – portable radios & O&M Rebroadcast
  • Live and Prerecorded Audio Break-In interface
  • OMCS RRB Control interface
  • OMCS RRB Monitoring and Alarm interface
  • Multiple WDM, Redundant Path, Fibre-based RF Signal distribution
  • Radiating Cable, Multi-band RF Combining, Antennas and related equipment
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