RFI Introduces X10DR Wireless Microphone from Wireless Corporation

RFI Wireless is now distributing the X10DR® (“Extender”) Wireless microphone system, which allows mobile radio fleets to have safe, secure wireless

Mobile radio users can now communicate using the existing vehicle mounted mobile radio remotely up to 300m from the vehicle. The X10DR takes the power, range and stability of a mobile radio, and extends it using a lightweight microphone that can be held in the palm of your hand or sit comfortably clipped to a shirt. The X10DR enables team members to communicate back to base and amongst other team member’s onsite, via the vehicle mounted mobile radio. The X10DR is durable, lightweight, affordable and intuitive to use. Finally, mobile radio users can stay in communication out of the vehicle with ease, comfort and security.

The X10DR is also an excellent solution for OH&S issues revolving around lone workers. The X10DR features a duress alarm which is easily activated should your lone worker become injured or need emergency assistance is both durable and reliable for all mobile radio applications including mission critical emergency services, commercial fleets, as well as heavy duty applications such as mining, construction and utility fleets.

The X10DR® secure wireless microphone is fully compatible with all professional, commercial and government vehicle and desktop mobile radios, including conventional, trunked, analogue and digital solutions from Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Tait, Simoco, Vertex Standard, Sepura, Cassidian and Hytera. The X10DR® microphone also works seamlessly with analogue, digital, UHF, VHF, P25, DMR, dPMR, NXDN and Tetra radio communication protocols.

The X10DR®, for the very first time provides every mobile radio user with an affordable way to communicate outside of their vehicles and not the few that can currently justify the significant cost involved with implementing traditional UHF and VHF vehicular repeater systems.

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