700/800 MHz Side Mounted Dipole, 0dBd, 190 degree Beamwidth, 746-870MHz

The SMD4 series are a range of unity gain side mounted dipoles which can be used as a single antenna for short range applications or, if desired, phased together to provide high gain array coverage characteristics.
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The SMD series are all welded aluminum construction. The feed point is protected by an ABS cap, with the internal PTFE based cable construction providing excellent intermodulation performance (-150dBc).

The antenna is internally DC grounded for lightning protection and the reduction of precipitation static noise.

• Provides either directional or largely omnidirectional radiation pattern

• All welded aluminum construction with RoHS compliant corrosion protection

• Supplied complete with UNV clamp for mounting

• Full band coverage from a single antenna for local coverage or control station applications

Nominal Gain dBd Unity (but varies with mounting arrangements)
Frequency MHz 746 – 870
Tuned Bandwidth MHz Entire Band
VSWR (Return Loss) < 1.5:1 (14dB)
Nominal Impedance 50
Vertical Beamwidth Typically 86° at ¼ λ antenna – mast spacing
Horizontal Beamwidth Typically 190° at ¼ λ antenna – mast spacing
Power W 500
Input Power (Watts) 500
Passive IM 3rd order (2x20W) dBc < -150
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Shipping Weight (lbs.) 5
Shipping Dims (inches) 13x13x13