800/900 MHz Dual Yagi, 17dBd, 850-930MHz

The YBA818-82 is a vertically polarised, highly directional antenna array ideally suited for point to point communications in RF Control and Point to Multi-Point long haul link applications.

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YBA818-82 both feed elements are constructed from a fully folded dipole welded to the boom, providing maximum bandwidth, excellent intermodulation performance and high reliability. The passive elements are thru mounted to the circular boom section which is fully welded to the mounting tube with a welded spacer between both booms before plating. The entire antenna is then plated in an alodine finish to provide an excellent conductive surface to ensure effective earthing of the antenna when it is mounted.

The YBA818-82 can be double stacked into a 4-boom array for additional gain by simply ordering two antennas and the PA84-82 stacking kit which includes 2 spacing control frames, two fiberglass upright supports, and a two-way phasing harness for phasing both arrays together.

Note: Suitable for vertically polarised installations only

Nominal Gain dBd 17
Frequency MHz 850 to 930MHz
Tunable Bandwidth Full band
VSWR <1.5:1
Vertical Beamwidth 28
Horizontal Beamwidth 14
Front/Back Ratio dB 24
Power W 200
Construction Welded aluminum with alodined finish with fiberglass supports
Length (inch) 74.80
Weight (pound) 12.12
Termination External harness with N female and short 9142 cable tail
Mounting Area Clamps to diam. 1.5″ – 3.1″
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Shipping Weight (lbs.) 15
Shipping Dims (inches) 80x12x6