Broadband 2-Way 100W Power Divider/30W Combiner 66-960MHz

RFI Power Dividers / Combiners are used in a variety of RF power dividing and combining applications. Designed using Wilkinson or N-way styled cascaded broadband binary power splitting or combining techniques offering broadband capability with good splitter output / combiner input, port-to-port isolation. Manufactured using a robust low profiled solid milled aluminium housing these products are ideal for use in coaxial cable networks and multicoupling applications.

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SP0710-5102-11 Features:

-Broadband covering 70MHz to 1000MHz.
-Suitable for use with analogue or digital RF communications.
-Compact and robust and modular design for indoor use.
-100W continuous input power rating when used as a power divider.
-10W continuous input power rating per port when used as a combiner.
-Two, three and four way divide / combine options.

Frequency MHz 70 to 1000MHz
Frequency Range 70-1000MHz
Splits 2
Insertion Loss (dB) <3.3dB
Port to Port Isolation > 15dB
Power Rating as Combiner (per port) 10W
Power rating as splitter (input port) 100W
Input Port Return Loss / VSWR Typ. 15dB / 1.43:1
Connector types (all termination ports) N (F)
Mounting 4 x 3.8mm diameter non-threaded holes through unit body
Dimensions (excl connectors) mm – approx L 185mm W 128mm H 22mm
Dimensions (excl connectors) inches – approx L 7.28” W 5.03” H 0.86”
Temperature -30° C to 70° C / -22° F to 158° F
Weight kg lbs 1.87 (pound)/ 1.87lbs
Finish Black – Painted
Impedance 50 Ohms
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Shipping Weight (lbs.) 5
Shipping Dims (inches) 6x6x6