Receiver Multicoupler/TTA Controller unit (RxMUX) 690-960MHz , 2 PORT CMU With TTA Control, 110-240VAC

The TTA7982-0100-10-00 Tower Top Amplifier is a full-featured, high performance system utilizing a quadrature-coupled Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) design to improve the performance of a network site. The TTA system comprises two components; the Tower Top Amplifier (TTA), and an RX6996-3001-36-xxN Receiver Multicoupler/TTA Controller unit (RxMUX) that intergrates into a Motorola GTR800 ESS system.

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The Tower Top Amplifier is designed and built for ease of mounting to varying size tower legs using commonly available fasteners with a compact and integrated precision milled high selectivity low loss preselector, reducing the TTA profile and hence tower loading. Two independent LNA’s, with an auto by-pass mode and constant monitoring provide system redundancy, resilience and improved availability. Low noise linear amplifiers provide excellent Inter-Modulation (IM) performance ensuring maintained integrity of received signals across a wide signal amplitude dynamic range.

The precision milled and integrated TTA preselector provides >110dB of selectivity before the TTA LNA and RxMUX active circuitry. A comprehensive microprocessor controlled status and fault monitoring system provides continuous monitoring and switching of the redundant LNAs.

Ease of installation and configuration via user-friendly switches or an onboard web server and GUI interface, reduces installation setup time. Unique “auto-gain” feature provides an additional level of failure tolerance. Test port functionality facilitates the Motorola 5 step plan for commissioning and Performance Logging ensures that ongoing optimum system performance is measurable. Front and rear panel LED indicators and Form-C relay fault reporting with the simplicity of local or remote system status diagnostics via the Ethernet port greatly assists in determining network health and pro-active maintenance. The RxMUX features selectable inline post filter connections to facilitate additional filtering. Expansion capability is provided by using the expansion port on the RxMUX and the RFI Expansion Multicouplers.


  • Integrated precision milled pre-selector filter in TTA
  • TTA selectivity (>110dB) prior to all active circuitry
  • Redundant TTA quadrature LNA circuits
  • Extensive circuit monitoring and alarm management
  • Test Ports and Functionality supports Motorola 5 Step Plan
  • Convenient RxMUX front panel controls
  • User-friendly webserver Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Auto-Gain and Auto-Changeover modes
  • Compact and light weight TTA for minimal tower loading
  • Form-C contacts for fault reporting through an alarm management system
  • 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC or 90-264VAC versions available
  • Designed to interface to a Motorola GTR800 ESS System
Frequency Band 700/800/900MHz
Frequency Range 698-960MHz
Preselector Selectivity >110dB @ 776MHz, >110dB @ 851MHz
Amplifier (LNA) Type Quadrature
TTA System Net Gain Adjustable via Switches or webserver GUI
Number of RF Outputs 1
System Noise Figure <3.5dB (note 1)
Test Port Included
Isolation of Test Port 30dB /-2dB
50ohm Termination Testing Included
Bypass Test Mode Included
Net Weight TTA / RxMux 12lbs
50ohm Termination Testing Included
Ship Weight TTA / RxMux 17lbs
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Shipping Weight (lbs.) 12
Shipping Dims (inches) 24x24x3