Receiver Multicoupler/TTA Controller unit (RxMUX) 690-960MHz , 2 PORT CMU With TTA Control -48VDC

The TTA7982-0100-10-00 Tower Top Amplifier is a full-featured, high performance system utilizing a quadrature-coupled Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) design to improve the performance of a network site. The TTA system comprises two components; the Tower Top Amplifier (TTA), and an RX6996-3001-36-xxN Receiver Multicoupler/TTA Controller unit (RxMUX) that intergrates into a Motorola GTR800 ESS system.

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The Tower Top Amplifier is designed and built for ease of mounting to varying size tower legs using commonly available fasteners with a compact and integrated precision milled high selectivity low loss preselector, reducing the TTA profile and hence tower loading. Two independent LNA’s, with an auto by-pass mode and constant monitoring provide system redundancy, resilience and improved availability. Low noise linear amplifiers provide excellent Inter-Modulation (IM) performance ensuring maintained integrity of received signals across a wide signal amplitude dynamic range.

The precision milled and integrated TTA preselector provides >110dB of selectivity before the TTA LNA and RxMUX active circuitry. A comprehensive microprocessorcontrolled status and fault monitoring system provides continuous monitoring and switching of the redundant LNAs.

Ease of installation and configuration via user-friendly switches or an onboard web server and GUI interface, reduces installation setup time. Unique “auto-gain” feature provides an additional level of failure tolerance. Test port functionality facilitates the Motorola 5 step plan for commissioning and Performance Logging ensures that ongoing optimum system performance is measurable. Front and rear panel LED indicators and Form-C relay fault reporting with the simplicity of local or remote system status diagnostics via the Ethernet port greatly assists in determining network health and pro-active maintenance. The RxMUX features selectable in-line Post filter connections to facilitate additional


  • Integrated precision milled pre-selector filter in TTA
  • TTA selectivity (>110dB) prior to all active circuitry
  • Redundant TTA quadrature LNA circuits
  • Extensive circuit monitoring and alarm management
  • Test Ports and Functionality supports Motorola 5 Step Plan
  • Convenient RxMUX front panel controls
  • User-friendly webserver Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Auto-Gain and Auto-Changeover modes
  • Compact and light weight TTA for minimal tower loading
  • Form-C contacts for fault reporting through an alarm management system
  • 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC or 90-264VAC versions available
  • Designed to interface to a Motorola GTR800 ESS System
Frequency Band 700/800/900MHz
Frequency Range 698-960MHz
Preselector Selectivity >110dB @ 776MHz, >110dB @ 851MHz
Amplifier (LNA) Type Quadrature
TTA System Net Gain Adjustable via Switches or webserver GUI
Number of RF Outputs 1
System Noise Figure <3.5dB (note 1)
Test Port Included
Isolation of Test Port 30dB /-2dB
50ohm Termination Testing Included
Bypass Test Mode Included
Net Weight TTA / RxMux 12lbs
50ohm Termination Testing Included
Ship Weight TTA / RxMux 17lbs
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Shipping Weight (lbs.) 12
Shipping Dims (inches) 24x24x3