Site Alarm Module, 9-36VDC

The Site Alarm Module (SAM) is an option for the Antenna System Monitor (ASM) that provides ten alarm relays outputs for assignment to individual channels being monitored by the ASM. Up to ten SAM units may be conveniently connected onto one ASM unit.

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The Site Alarm Module (SAM) is an optional module that may be used with the Antenna System Monitor (ASM) to allocate a dedicated alarm output for up to ten (10) channels of the channels being monitored by the ASM.

Additional SAM’s can be easily added (daisy-chained) to increase the number of monitored channels with dedicated alarm outputs. The ASM will auto-detect the SAM module when connected and through the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the ASM. The user can configure which of the SAM outputs are assigned to respective ASM monitored channels. Conditional alarm status is a feature that allows the individual base station PTT lines to be compared with the ASM channel alarm status, allowing a “no RF output” from the base station to be recognised and inhibit an alarm.

Four (4) additional “general purpose” alarm inputs are available on each SAM to monitor a combination of temperature, analogue voltage and digital input site alarms – such as site room temperature, battery voltages, access doors, and other site conditions. Front and rear LED’s provide a visual
indication of the status of all 10 output and 4 input alarms. A mixture of SAMs and CAMs may be connected to one ASM if desired.


  • User-assigned 10 Channel alarm relay outputs
  • Auto detected (plug’n’play) when connected to ASM
  • 10 Conditional PTT or general purpose digital input status monitoring capability
  • Compact 1RU 19” rack mountable shelf
  • Expandable – up to 10 SAM’s (and CAMs) may be connected to one ASM
  • Enabling priority alarm reporting, providing a tigger as a Hot/Standby base station radio switch
  • 4 additional, user configurable, general purpose temperature, analogue or logic alarm inputs
  • Power and comms interfaces daisy chained from AS
  • Front and rear alarm relay activation notification LED’s
No. of Alarm Outputs Ten (10)
Alarm Contact Type Dry Relay NO/CMN/NC
Alarm Contact Rating 50VDC 1A
Alarm Inputs Ten(10) configurable – one per alarm output / Four (4) configurable – general purpose
Alarm Inputs – PTT or Digital “0” = <+2.5VDC / “1” = >+2.5VDC
Alarm Inputs – Analogue 0VDC to +5VDC or +60VDC to -60VDC or +5VDC to -60VDC
Alarm Input – Temperature -67° to +257° F or -55° to +125° C
Power Supply 11-36VDC or 36-60VDC (powered from ASM)
Operating Temp. Range -30° C to +60° C / -22° F to +140° F
Visual alarm notification Front and Rear panel mounted LEDs
Mounting 1RU 19” rack mounting
Dimensions W 483 x H 43 x D 77mm / W 19 x H 1.75 x D 3”
Weight <2.20(pound) / <2.2lbs
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Shipping Weight (lbs.) 5
Shipping Dims (inches) 29x9x11