Standard Control Station Combiner, 380-450 MHz, 32 Channel

These multi-channel combiners provide frequency-agile operation across their entire frequency range. Control Station Combiners may be used to reduce the number of antennas required on a communications site whilst also ensure that predictable radio-to-radio isolation is maintained at all times – irrespective of individual radio’s Tx or Rx operating mode or antenna isolation characteristics.

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RFI’s range of Standard SN Control Station Combiners combine multiple shared Tx output / Rx input (T/R) ports from control station radios and then separate them into two separate paths which can be terminated via a duplexer to a single antenna or connected to separate transmitter and receiver antennas. The CSC provides predictable co-located control station radio transceiver to transceiver isolation and full frequency agility within the designated band.

Compatible with both analog and digital communication systems the CSC is modular in construction providing easy expansion accommodating from 4 up to 32 channels. Fitted to 19 inch rack front panels these units are compact and robust maximizing heat dissipation for relatively high per channel duty cycles.


  • Combines transceivers in the 380 to 450MHz frequency band
  • Effective combining method for frequency agile single port mobile transceivers
  • Multiple shared (T/R) ports are separated into Rx and Tx only ports
  • Modular and expandable from 4 up to 32 channels
  • Fixed non-tunable predictable port to port isolation
  • 19 inch rack mountable
  • 50W per channel rating
Frequency MHz 380 to 450 MHz
Insertion Loss (dB) 17 (typical +/-1dB)
RF Power W Per Channel: 50 (continuous)
Input Port Return Loss dB > 14dB/<1.5:1
Min. frequency separation 0Mhz
Isolation (typical) Ant to Tx: 55dB, Tx to Tx: 60dB, Tx to Rx: 60dB
Impedance 50 Ohm
Termination Connectors N female
Dimensions (in) H: 11RU, W: 1RU (19in), D: 17.8in
Finish Black
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Shipping Weight (lbs.) 300
Shipping Dims (inches) 30x24x40