Standard Control station combiner, 746-870 MHz, 32 Channel

RFI’s range of Standard SN Control Station Combiners combine multiple shared Tx output / Rx input (T/R) ports from control station radios and then separate them into two separate paths which can be terminated via a duplexer to a single antenna or connected to separate transmitter and receiver antennas. The CSC provides predictable co-located control station radio transceiver to transceiver isolation and full frequency agility within the designated band.

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Compatible with both analog and digital communication systems the CSC is modular in construction providing easy expansion accommodating from 4 up to 32 channels. Fitted to 19 inch rack front panels these units are compact and robust maximizing heat dissipation for relatively high per channel duty cycles.


  • Combines transceivers in the 746 to 869MHz frequency band
  • Effective combining method for frequency agile single port mobile transceivers
  • Multiple shared (T/R) ports are separated into Rx and Tx only ports
  • Modular and expandable from 4 up to 32 channels
  • Fixed non-tunable predictable port to port isolation
  • 19 inch rack mountable
  • 50W per channel rating
Model number derivative 32
Number of channels 32
Type Banded
Frequency range 746-869MHz
Minimum Tx to Tx frequency separation between channels 0MHz
Input power per channel (maximum) 50W
Insertion Loss (typical +/-1dB) 18.5dB
Antenna to Tx Isolation (typical) 55dB
Tx to Tx Isolation (typical) 60dB
Tx to Rx Isolation (typica 60dB
Input port Return Loss / VSWR >14dB / <1.5:1
Impedance 50 Ohm
Termination connectors N (F)
Finish Painted Black
Depth 16.5”
Total 19 inch Rack Units (height) 5RU
Temperature Range 14°F to 122° F
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Shipping Weight (lbs.) 250
Shipping Dims (inches) 30x24x24