Unity Gain Broadband Dipole Antenna, 400-470 MHz

The COD4-4047 is a broadband UHF vertical enclosed dipole which is designed to cover the entire 400-470MHz band without tuning.

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The COD4-4047 unity gain broadband dipole antenna is designed to cover the entire 400-470MHz frequency band. Suitable applications include low power base stations and RF Control Stations in the emerging whole-of-government UHF frequency allocations, and other applications requiring a wide operating frequency bandwidth.

A unique circuit board radiator design provides a balanced and effective center fed dipole radiator. As center fed antenna, not only is gain consistent across its entire frequency band but the vertical radiation pattern is stable in beam width, resulting in consistent performance across the entire frequency band.

This antenna is internally DC grounded for optimum lightning protection and for the reduction of static noise and is lightweight for easy installation on support structures.

Nominal Gain dBd 0
Frequency MHz 400 to 470MHz
Tunable Bandwidth Full
VSWR <1.5:1
Vertical Beamwidth 83°
Horizontal Beamwidth Omni /- 0.5dB
Power W 100
Construction White fiberglass composite PCB and Aluminium tube
Length (inch) 4
Weight (pound) 1.23
Termination N series jack
Mounting Area 3.9in. x 1in. diam. alodined aluminum
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Shipping Weight (lbs.) 5
Shipping Dims (inches) 40x2x2