VHF Antenna Line Coupler Suits APM1317 Series

The APM provides comprehensive RF performance measurement, monitoring and alarming of Tx forward and reflected powers, combiner losses, and Rx RSSI levels on a truly channelized basis – for up to 80 channels.

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It also provides unique measurement, monitoring and alarming of the Rx subsystem (Rx Antenna/TTA/RMC), Tx-to-Rx Antenna Isolation(s), and Tx-to-Rx Carrier Rejection performance. The Antenna Line Coupler(s) is inserted after the Tx combiner on the antenna feeder cable. All frequencies, channel bandwidths and level thresholds are software definable. A DB15 rear mounted connector provides alarm relay outputs that can be hardwired into most alarm reporting facilities. Configuration, diagnostics and communication management are facilitated through the use of an on-board webserver GUI. The APM is available in four different bands covering VHF, UHF, 7/800MHz and 8/900MHz frequency ranges.

  • True channelized power and VSWR metering for multi-channel, digital and analog systems
  • Non-intrusive measurement of Tx forward and reflected power and Rx RSSI levels for up to 80 channels – and System Rx Subsystem, Antenna Isolation(s) and Tx-to-Rx Carrier Rejection performance
  • Accommodates up to four (or more) separate transmitter combiners
  • Integral webserver GUI for Measurement value, History Chart and Alarm Status viewing, and unit configuration
  • Supplied with one Antenna Line Coupler, additional couplers ordered separately.
  • Supported by Genesis GenWatch® and C² Systems SitePortal® software packages
  • Supports SNMP GET and Traps, SMTP (Email), and Relay outputs for alarm reporting
  • Optional Site Alarm Module (SAM) and Receive Systems Module (RSM) for enhanced functionality
Model  APMxxxxK2 1317 3852 7487 8796
Frequency Range (Tx power  and  Rx level monitoring) 132-174MHz 380-520MHz 746-870MHz 870-960MHz
Maximum number of monitored channels 80 Tx and 80 Rx
Tx Forward  power  monitoring port inputs 4 sets  (notes  #4 and #5)
Available Rx RSSI level monitoring ports 1
Rx monitoring port input range -110dBm to -50dBm
Frequency channel step size (Tx & Rx) 1.25kHz
Channel measurement bandwidths 12.5kHz and 25kHz
Accuracy – per channel power  change (ΔdBm) +/-0.2dBm
Conducted and  Radiated emissions Complies  with FCC Part 15 (15.207) and (15.209)
RF Termination connectors N (F)
Communication interface ports 2 x rear mounted TCP/IP Ethernet ports (RJ45)
Internal alarm  relay contacts output connector Rear mounted DB15 (M)
Visual alarm  notification Front panel  mounted LED’s
Configurable alarms Tx FWD Power / Tx Reflected  Power (VSWR) / Rx RSSI
Rx Subsystem Performance / Tx-Rx Antenna(s)  Isolation / Tx-to-Rx Carrier Rejection (Optional Temperature / Voltage / Digital Inputs  and  additional Alarm Relay Outputs when using  SAM) (Optional Diversity Receivers  / Isolated  External Monitoring Antenna using RSM)
Power  Supply  Options and  Consumption 9-36VDC, 36-60VDC or 100-240VAC @ <10W   (notes  #1, #2, and #3)
DC power  connector Polarized 2-pin Phoenix connector
Mounting 2RU 19″ rack mounting
Dimensions 19x2x3.5″/ 483x50x89mm (incl connectors)
Weight < 4.84lbs / 2.2kgs
Operational temperature range 22° F to 140° F / -30° C to +60°  C
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Shipping Weight (lbs.) 10
Shipping Dims (inches) 29x9x11