CR2 VHF Corner Reflector, 7dBd, 136-174MHz

The CR2 antenna is a single element 90° corner reflectors, delivering high gain and high front to back ratios for critical long path or high interference applications.

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The CR2 is constructed with an aluminum grid-style back screen with close element spacing to maximize pattern control characteristics. The all-welded screen is of alodined aluminum finish for corrosion protection and the single folded dipole element is mounted using all stainless steel fittings.

-Extremely high front to back ratios and minimal sidelobe characteristics
-Shipped unassembled for ease of handling, easily assembled on site
-Direct DC grounded for lightning protection and reduction of precipitation static noise

Nominal Gain dBd 7
Frequency MHz 136 to 174MHz
Tunable Bandwidth 26MHz
VSWR <1.5:1
Polarisation Vertical
Vertical Beamwidth 69°
Horizontal Beamwidth 62°
Front/Back Ratio dB 22
Power W 750
Construction Welded aluminum grid with alodined finish and stainless steel fittings
Dimensions in. 51 x 51 x 47
Weight (pound) 28.66
Termination 7/16 DIN Female to cable tail
Mounting Area Clamps to diam. 1.5″-3.5″, 50″ apart (supplied)

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Digitised Patterns

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Shipping Weight (lbs.) 35
Shipping Dims (inches) 55x55x10