GP2 VHF Ground Plane, Unity Gain, 148-174MHz

The GP2 is an omnidirectional unity gain adjustable ground plane antennas ideal for local area coverage when a high gain antenna is not required or justified. The broad vertical beamwidth offers excellent null fill for consistent signal coverage. GP Series antennas are easily tuned in the field by adjusting the position of the ground plane elements.

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GP2 Features:

Electrically, the GP2 is a quarter wave radiating element with the radials acting as a counterpoise. These radials are of one-piece construction and utilise a unique single bolt clamping design. The antennas are DC grounded for superior lightning protection and the reduction of precipitation static noise.

• Easily field tuned by adjusting the position of the radials
• Lightweight and easy to mount
• Broad vertical beamwidth for excellent null fill
• Compact – Shipped disassembled for ease of handling

Nominal Gain dBd 0
Frequency MHz 148 to 174MHz
Tunable Bandwidth 15MHz
VSWR <1.5:1
Polarisation Vertical
Vertical Beamwidth 75°
Horizontal Beamwidth Omni /-0.5dB
Power W 200
Construction Heavy duty aluminium radiating element encased in a PVC radome
Length (inch) 51.1
Weight (pound) 4.40
Termination N female with 0.5m RG213 cable tail
Mounting Area 500mm x 40mm diam. aluminium
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Shipping Weight (lbs.) 7
Shipping Dims (inches) 60x8x8