UHF Offset Dual Dipole Array, 2x9dBd, 400-420MHz

Offset arrays are directional antennas for use when a base station is at one end of the coverage area. These antennas offer industry leading PIM ratings, essential for the latest digital radio systems.

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OA Series arrays feature the same solid construction as the BA and EA series. The array utilizes an internal phasing harness in PTFE based double-shielded coaxial cable with polyethylene jacket to aid waterproofing and resist scratch or puncture damage.

The OA Series have slightly more than 170° horizontal beamwidth, thus everything in front of the antenna is given coverage. This eliminates the possibility of fading at the extremities of the target coverage area. The level of radiation at the rear of the antenna is approximately unity gain.

As would be expected from a cardioid array, the vertical beamwidth is slightly greater than its BA omnidirectional or EA elliptical pattern counterparts.

• Hermetically sealed internal phasing harness


Nominal Gain dBd 2 x 9
Frequency MHz 400-520
Tunable Bandwidth Entire band
VSWR (Return Loss) <1.5 :1 (14dB)
Nominal Impedance Ω 50
Downtilt Not offered
Vertical Beamwidth 17°
Horizontal Beamwidth 178°
Input Power (Watts) 500
Passive IM 3rd order (2x20W) dBc -150
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Shipping Weight (lbs.) 110
Shipping Dims (inches) 126x10x17