900 MHz Antenna System Monitor, 870-960MHz, 36-60V DC

The RFI Antenna System Monitor (ASM) provides channel specific forward and reflected transmitted power monitoring, a Tx to Rx antenna isolation measurement and Rx RSSI levels for up to 80 channels.

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ASM8796 Features:

Four separate forward and reflected paired power measurement inputs facilitate monitoring via high power in-line couplers. The low loss Antenna Line Coupler is inserted after the Tx combiner on the antenna feeder cable. All frequencies, channel bandwidths and level thresholds are software definable. A DB15 rear mounted connector provides alarm reporting outputs that can be hardwired into most alarm reporting facilities. The LEDs on the front panel of the ASM allow visual confirmation of the hardwired alarm outputs. Configuration, diagnostics and communication management is facilitated through the use of an on-board webserver GUI.

  • Individual channel monitoring of Tx forward and reflected power in multi-channel, digital and analog systems.
  • Non-intrusive measurement of per channel forward power and VSWR.
  • Capable of monitoring up to 80 channels.
  • Rx channel RSSI level or test frequency Tx to Rx antenna isolation monitoring.
  • 4 separate paired FWD and REF inputs to accommodate single or combined transmitter inputs.
  • Aggregated summary fault/ VSWR / FWD power level / Rx Level (Tx to Rx Antenna Isolation) alarms.
  • Configuration and alarm threshold level setting via RJ45 Ethernet port.
  • ASM supplied with one Antenna Line Coupler, additional couplers ordered separately.


#1 – Please note that the AC option is provided with an external AC-DC plug pack.

#2 – Nominate required operating voltage range with order.

#3 – Coaxial interconnect cables between Antenna Line Coupler/s and the ASM are not provided.

#4 – ASM supplied with one Antenna Line Coupler, additional couplers ordered separately.

Frequency MHz 870-960MHz
Frequency Range (Tx power and Rx level monitoring) 870-960MHz
Freq. Channel Step Size (Transmit and receive bands) 1.25 kHz
DC Power Connector Polarised 2-pin Phoenix connector
Power Supply 11-36VDC, 36-60VDC or 100-240VAC (note # 2)
Operating Temp. Range -30° C to +60° C / -22° F to 140° F
Max. No. of monitored channels 80
Available Tx forward power monitoring port inputs 4
Available Rx RSSI level monitoring ports 1
Rx monitoring port input range -110dBm to -50dBm
Channel measurement bandwidths 12.5kHz and 25kHz
Max spurious or IM products level -30dBm
Accuracy – per channel power change (ΔdBm) +/-0.2dBm
Conducted emissions Complies with FCC Part 15 (15.207)
Radiated emissions Complies with FCC Part 15 (15.209)
RF Termination connectors N (F)
Communication interface port 2 x rear mounted TCP/IP Ethernet ports (RJ45)
Internal alarm relay contacts output connector Rear mounted DB15 (M)
Visual alarm notification Front panel mounted LED’s
Configurable alarms Summary Fault/ Tx FWD power / VSWR / RSSI (Ant Isolation)
Mounting 2RU 19” rack mounting
Dimensions 19.01×1.96×3.50(inch) / 19x2x3.5” (incl connectors)
Weight < 4.40(pound) / 4.4lbs


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Software Base Line Upgrades and associated MIB files

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Shipping Weight (lbs.) 13
Shipping Dims (inches) 29x9x11