Receiver Multicoupler/TTA Controller unit (RxMUX) 690-960MHz , 8 PORT CMU With TTA Control – 48VDC

The RX6996-3408-31 is a broadband and expandable high performance receiver multicoupler (Rx Mux).

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RX6996-3408-31-48B Features:

Used in both analogue and digital radio systems the recevier multicoupler utilises a low-noise, high 3OIP, redundant quadrature amplifier (LNA) design to enhance base station receiver performance. Outputs are provided for up to eight (8) receivers and an optional output to feed an expansion multicoupler. Expansion configurations are detailed in our Recevier Multicoupler Application Note. A user-enabled “Auto-Gain” feature compensates net system gain to maintain optimum system performance during a partial LNA failure. The operating gain can be manually programmed via rotarty switches or configured via the comms port.

– Low Noise Figure LNA offering excellent 3OIP performance
– Auto-gain feature automatically restoring net system gain during partial amplifier failure
– Compatible with both analogue and digital technologies
– Manual or programmable gain setting
– Intergral status monitoring and alarm outputs
– Broadband 698-960MHz operation
– Facilitates easy expansion

Frequency Range 698-960MHz
Extended Frequency Range 698-960MHz*
Gain Range RF Outputs 1-8 = 0-15dB (typ) Expansion Outputs 9-16 = 0-15dB (typ) Expansion Outputs 17-128 = 0-5dB (typ)
Gain Setting Accuracy +/-1dB
Gain Flatness +/-1dB
Gain Step Size 1dB
RF Noise Figure 2 dB (typ)
Input Return Loss >14dB
Output Return Loss >14dB
Output Port Isolation >20dB
Amplifier 30IP 44dBm (min)
Max. Input Level 0 dB
DC Supply 11 to 16VDC
DC Current Drain 700mA (typ) @ 12VDC
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Alarm Output N.O./N.C. Dry Relay Contacts 1A @ 60V rating
Alarm Conditions Amp # 1 quiescent operation outside tolerance, Amp # 2 quiescent operation outside tolerance, . Input Voltage outside tolerance, Internal DC supplies outside tolerance
Connector RF – N (F), DC -2-pin Pheonix, Alarms – 3-pin Pheonix, USB Comms – USB Type B
Earthing M5 Earthing screw and M6 Earthing Stud.
Surge Protection Internal gas filled surge absorber at RF input
Shipping Supplied with DC and Alarms connector mating plugs, N termination for Expansion Port, Quick Start Guide and CD containing USB drivers and User Manual
Note: *All specifications shown are for Frequency Range 698-960MHz operation.
Temp. Range -30°C to 60°C / 22°F to 140°F
Weight 3.96(pound) / 4lbs
Temperature C/F -30°C to 60°C / 22°F to 140°F
Mechanical Dimensions 483x120x44mm / 19×4.72×1.73” (incl conn) 1RU 19” rack mount
Impedance 50Ohms
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 Software Base Line Upgrades and USB Driver files

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    • Downloading a firmware update? Don’t forget to download the updated manual too
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 12
Shipping Dims (inches) 24x24x3