Antenna System Monitor

Antenna System Monitor

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RFI’s Antenna System Monitor (ASM) provides true channelized monitoring of the RF performance of your network site.

Transmitter Forward Power and Antenna System VSWR can measured on a per-channel basis. Tx-Rx System Isolation can be measured to confirm that the antenna system is achieving the designed isolation performance. The ASM can also be utilised as an off-air Rx level monitor – with the ability for it to be installed to monitor (for example) all surrounding sites’ control channels as a method to determine if the network’s coverage has changed.

The ASM’s true channelized performance allows reliable measurement of the system’s RF performance parameters.

  • Performs on a 24/7 without impacting the network’s normal operation
  • Can detect performance-impacting network performance change before it has been experienced and reported by network users
  • Determines the nature of the fault, its potential impact, and responds with an appropriate prioritisation
  • Can more accurately determine the nature of the network fault and assist in the time and cost efficient deployment of the correct resource and spares
  • Tells you whether to book a rigging sub-contractor, co-ordinate a network outage, or to take a spare antenna, specialist vehicles, etc.

A user-friendly integral webserver allows the ASM to be configured via a local TCPIP port. Alternatively, the unit can also be easily connected to remotely via LAN, WAN, Cellular or the Internet. Alarm status is also available via front panel LED indicators and a rear panel connector providing dry-relay contacts.

The non-intrusive 24×7 monitoring of an ASM, coupled with its ability to immediately detect network change, can also be used to reduce network outages required during most Periodic Maintenance Inspection (PMI) activities, ensuring network availability is maintained at the highest levels – particularly in operations-critical networks.

Available in bands:


  •     132-174MHz
  •     380-520MHz
  •     746-870MHz
  •     870-960MHz