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Maxon Modems Helping Win The Race!

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Car racing has a great tradition in Australia and Maxon Australia is proud to help some of the most successful pit crews help their drivers cross the winners line. Our client has been using two-way radio to transmit data between car and pit, however this presented a number of issues such as; limited data speeds, occasionally having to install radio communications at each location and requiring a separate licence for each county they were using the devices in.

Intelimax Serial Modem

Maxon offered our client the Intelimax serial modem to test in a well known motor racing series held in Australia. The Intelimax device was easily installed and circumvented the need for setting up receivers and antennas as is the case with RF Data systems. In addition, as FCC approval is already acquired for the Intelimax devices, no additional licences are required. Once the Intelimax was installed the data speed immediately increased from 38400bps to 115200bps which allowed for faster and more reliable communications. Using the 3G network improved the privacy of the data being transferred and alleviated any issues of competitors listening in to vital team information. In recent years, data acquisition systems have become powerful tools that are vital to the success of motorsport. These telemetry systems measure and record important vehicle parameters via sensors and are pivotal in communicating track status and warnings between the pit and the driver. These parameters including; Wheel speeds, Lateral and longitudinal acceleration, Tyre temperatures, Brake pressures, Engine speed (RPM), Engine temperature, Oil pressure and GPS; can be analysed to gain insight into the behaviour of the engine, chassis and driver, which can ultimately result in greater predictability and optimised performance on a race day.

  • RS-232 / RS-485 software switch
  • Superior security features
  • Periodic Reset 28 hour
  • Operating temperature range -30°C ~+85°C
  • Power supply range 6-48VDC

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RFI acquired Maxon Australia in September 2016, and added their extensive range of modems, IoT and M2M products and solutions to our current RFI portfolio. For any additional information, please contact the sales team at [email protected] or visit the Maxon Website