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X10DR 2.0. The Next generation

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What is the X10DR?

The X10DR® (“Extender”) is revolutionary patented secure wireless microphone that liberates the way you communicate with your two way mobile radio. Finally, you can cut the cord from the vehicle mobile radio and stay in communication up to hundreds of meters from the vehicle. The X10DR® takes the power, range and stability of a mobile radio, right into the palm of your hand or sitting comfortably on your shoulder. The X10DR® enables team members to communicate back to base and amongst other team members onsite, via the vehicle mounted mobile radio. The X10DR® is durable, lightweight, affordable and intuitive to use. Finally, mobile radio users can stay in communication out of the vehicle with ease, comfort and security.

X10DR 2.0. The Next Generation.

The new X10DR versions now allow you to talk up to 500 metres from your vehicle. Introducing the next generation models: X10DR Elite and X10DR Pro. X10DR is a complete mission critical solution that unleashes the power of your mobile radio.

How does X10DR Work?

What are the versions available?

Elite Model

  • Designed to meet the stringent demands of mission critical users
  • Ruggedized Elite models feature 128Bit AES encryption to provide the highest levels of voice security.
  • Engineered to provide IP67 waterproof compliance.
  • The elite model can be connected to special function boxes to allow dual radio access/control operation.
  • Elite gateways can be used to provide an ‘in-car monitor’ function or alternatively, can be used as a public address system.
  • Control buttons on the base of the gateway provide independent volume settings.
  • The Elite model uniquely also provides a capability for a dual handset setup where 2 secure microphones can operate simultaneously with a single gateway for a lower cost setup. This dual connectivity capability means that the cost of a second gateway as well as the antenna, junction box and interface cables are not incurred. A mobile charger is available for the second handset in these situations

Pro Model

  • The latest incarnation of the patented well proven ‘out of vehicle’ X10DR communications solution.
  • Providing all existing X10DR established ‘out of vehicle’ capabilities, multiple 2nd generation X10DR devices can now be connected to a common mobile radio via a low-cost junction box allowing users to choose to either talk over the radio channel or alternatively, just talk locally “off-net” to other X10DR users sharing the same mobile radio.
  • All voice communications plus system alert tones from the mobile radio and other connected X10DR users are audible at all times ensuring users are totally connected.

Classic Model

  • The X10DR Classic model is intended for deployment into existing 1st generation X10DR-XU1 fleets.
  • This “legacy” model has been configured such that the secure microphone looks operationally identical to previously provided X10DR-XU1 devices so as to maintain common user operational knowledge and functionality.
  • Note: Classic X10DR-XU2 secure microphones and X10DR-XU1 secure microphones will only work with their respective series matching gateway units. Wireless Pacific recommends using Elite or Pro models for new X10DR system deployments.
  • For Classic versions of the X10DR-XX1 series please contact RFI.